Footprints 10th Anniversary

Good Morning Footprints Friends,

Today is a very special day at Footprints, it's our 10th anniversary! 10 years of love, stress, memories, graft and above all else friendship.

Footprints is a person to me, as real as each of you reading this, and as much as at times she is a complete pain in the ass, she's also something I am incredibly proud of. Everyday, I still thank my lucky stars I made the decision to begin the journey of having my own business.

To my team, past ( Emma, Cheryl, Chris, Nic and Amy) and present (Victoria, Melissa, Tina, Glenda, Gill, Julie, Eadie and Lucy)thankyou for everything you have and continue to do for Footprints. Footprints is what it is because of each of you, and words will never be enough to thankyou, but I am incredibly grateful to all of you. 
To my family and friends, who have supported me from day one. You are always there to help me clean, run an errand or cover my reception desk! Thankyou for all you do for me and for believing in me when at times I didn't believe in myself.
And finally, to each and every one of you that has chosen to cross Footprints doorstep. Thankyou for making me and Footprints part of your lives. It has and is an absolute pleasure to serve you. 

Lots of love Emily and all the Footprints team. X